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Available in London, Oslo, San Francisco, New York, Berlin, Barcelona and expanding 🚀
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Wide Monitor

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Ergonomic Chair

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Smoooth keyboard

Cmd C + Cmd V never felt this good
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“As our company is fully remote, using Mona makes perfect sense. Instead of paying $1000+ for each employee, we rent a full setup for $30/month. And the best thing - if we want to keep it; we just pay the retail price minus the amount we paid so far.”
Emma Clark

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Better for your wallet + better for the world =❤️

Startups, scaleups and freelancers are embracing fully remote. Why spend thousands per employee on tech, when you can rent the same for $30/month.

If you want the item, you can buy them for retail price minus the amount you paid so far.
Abdi & Maiu – Co-founders of Mona


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Why Rent not Buy?

If you want to just keep the product - just pay the remainder of the retail price and keep it! (no added fees!) 🧠
Flexibility - travel anywhere, have your dream setup. 🚀
Wanna upgrade? One click + just £5 more that's it. 🤯 Say bye to spending thousands on your setup
Upgrade your entire team for hundreds of dollars a month, instead of tens of thousands 🥳
No maintenance! Anything breaks - we fix it or replace it!
Better for the environment - but you know that already ✅